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The National Hockey Team Available On Personal Bank Checks

For all you die hard fans out there, who love to go along to an ice rink, slump down in front of the tv and watch hockey matches, purchase hockey jereseys and all the collectors items available for your favourite team or players.

Now there is the option of having your favourite team displayed on the checks that you write.

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The Rising Costs of Regular Bank Check Prices

Maybe you get your bank checks from your local Canadian bank like, Bank of Montreal, Scotia, Bank of Nova Scotia, CIBC, BMO, RBC or the other USA Banks like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase etc. If you do, you will know that the price for a box of checks is very high and that is not including getting a specific design on it. You are likely to pay anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on if they are for personal or for business use.

Then usually they are very plain and don't include the cost of having a design on them, and one that you prefer.

Enter.. Check Printing Businesses.

Up to 50% Off Regular Bank Prices

Online check printing companies save you money by cutting out the middleman, you can get boxes of checks now for up to 50% off what you would regulary pay at your local branch. I even challenge you to phone them up and compare prices. They can't beat the 12 Online check printing partners we associated with. 

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Order Checks with Your Photos On Them!

Current Discount Codes for New Customers

Most of the online check printing sites offer for new time customers and repeat buyers, different deals and coupon codes each month. We keep out site up to date with the new changes and offers so you can be sure to know who is offering what and how much you are going to save. Here are some of the current discount codes you can use Exclusively through NHL Hockey Personal Checks website.