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Boston Bruins Personal Checks

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The Boston Bruins are a professional ice hockey team part of the NHL. They are based in Boston, Massachusetts. The team was founded in 1924 by a Boston native, Charles Adams. The Boston Bruins have won the Stanley Cup five times, the Conference Championships twice and the Division Championships 21 times. Their home arena was the Boston Garden, which they had played in since 1928, however, in 1995, they had moved to Banknorth Garden.

In 1995 the team had created a new official logo. A black ‘B’ with gold outline on top of a gold wheel with black outlining. As well as that their uniforms shoulder patch‘s logo has Boston Bruins written with a bear in between on a gold background with black font colors. The Boston Bruins official colors are black and gold. The teams mascot is a bear called Blades the Bruin.

2012 Update: Identity Checks has stopped doing hockey checks, while we find a suitable hockey partner, carouselchecks has a variety you can choose from ( just click any of the above checks ) but they are the more generic kind. An alternative if you want specifically your team is to create your own photo checks,  Either the official logo of the team, the name of the team or the arm patch logo. The identity card (1 set of 150 for $12.95) has a blue and white background with a watermark of a player and the teams official logo on the top of the card. The teams uniforms shoulder patch logo is also printed on the bottom. As well as an official NHL logo on the bottom left hand corner. The leather checkbook cover has a white background with the teams official logo in the center of the cover with black and gold binding. Personal checks are also offered. The checks design includes a watermark of the teams official logo over a light gold colored background, the shoulder patch logo on the upper-left hand corner beside your name and address and the teams name ’Bruins’ on the upper-right hand corner in the official font of the team.