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New York Rangers Personal Checks

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New York rangers are the official NHL team of New York, New York. They compete in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. The Rangers formed in 1926 and are one of the oldest members of the NHL and one of the members of the “original six”. The Rangers managed to win its first Stanley Cup in only their second year of playing. Their latest Stanley Cup victory was in 1993 which was the fourth in the team’s history. They are also the second most valuable team in the NHL just below the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The team has been the vehicle for many hall-of-famers including hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. They have a massive New York fan base which makes them one of the most financially successful teams in the NHL.

The New York Rangers play their home games in the world renowned Madison Square Garden.

2012 Update: Identity Checks has stopped doing hockey checks, while we find a suitable hockey partner, carouselchecks has a variety you can choose from ( just click any of the above checks ) but they are the more generic kind. An alternative if you want specifically your team is to create your own photo checks, Your checkbook will feature the Ranger’s logo in the top left corner, a team label written in the official font and a light blue colored watermark background that features the team’s official crest logo. The accessories all bear the New York Ranger’s official colors which are red, white and blue. In addition you can also get a New York Ranger’s leather checkbook cover that has the Ranger crest printed on a blue, red and white background.

Those sports fans looking for more can find personal New York Ranger labels to ensure your possessions stay safe. Also available are identity cards that have a “Ranger’s Fan” stamp in the team’s official font printed on top of the team’s colors.

Customers also have the option to design their own checkbooks by providing photos, designs and custom phrases to be printed on their checkbooks. All of this is available for prices lower then that offered at your bank, only at Identitychecks.com