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Phoenix Coyotes Personal Checks

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The Phoenix Coyotes are the official NHL team of Phoenix, Arizona. The Coyotes compete in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. They were formed in 1972, joined the NHL in 1979 but only moved to Phoenix in 1996. Since arriving into Phoenix the team has played impressively recording six consecutive 0.5 or better seasons and reaching the playoffs in all but one season. They also managed a 90 point season and hold the record for the team with the highest points without reaching the playoffs.

The Coyotes are located in Glendale just outside of Phoenix and play they’re home games in the Jobing.com Arena.

2012 Update: Identity Checks has stopped doing hockey checks, while we find a suitable hockey partner, carouselchecks has a variety you can choose from ( just click any of the above checks ) but they are the more generic kind. An alternative if you want specifically your team is to create your own photo checks, . Your checkbook will feature the team’s “PHX” monogram logo in the left corner, a team label written in the official font on the header and a light red colored watermark in the background bearing the team’s famous mascot, Howler. Those looking for an extra touch, checkbook covers are also on offer which feature “Howler” the coyote on top of a brick red and black background all printed on genuine leather.

Accessories all bear the Phoenix Coyotes official Brick Red, Sand, Black, and White. Identity cards are available that bear the stamp “Coyote Fan” and also extra space to leave your personal details like “Name”, “Phone Number” and “Address”.  On top is the team’s official mascot, Howler the coyote.

Customers also can upload personal designs, pictures and phrases of their liking to be printed on their checkbooks. Users are given a great deal of flexibility in ensuring their checkbooks represent themselves accurately. All of this is available at prices better then that offered at your bank, only at Identitychecks.com.